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"I'm usually not one to gush, but after six solid rides on the Era I'm comfortable saying that I've never ridden a fork that felt this good right out of the box. I've even switched bikes with a couple of riding partners mid-ride so they could experience what I was feeling, and in both instances the general consensus was “that's ridiculous.”

Mike Kazimer - PinkBike

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"You know when something happens that's so memorable, you can recall specific details years later? My first ride on the Storia was like that. I can barely remember my last mountain bike ride (which embarrassingly, was almost two weeks ago), but I can vividly recall details from that ride. It was in SoCal, and I was riding into the blinding setting sun, leaning hard into corner after blown-out corner, and laughing in amazement as the rear wheel just kept holding on. I'd been mountain biking for 20 years before that day, and I'd never felt a wheel track the ground the way it did with the Storia."

Ryan Palmer, Bike Mag

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