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The REA MX is a direct bolt-on replacement for the Sur Ron Ultra Bee. No additional hardware is needed, simply bolt-on and go. Shock will be pre tuned by EXT-USA on the information you provide.  

With the growing worldwide success of electric dirt bikes,​ EXT saw the opportunity to take our extraordinary know-how to EMX suspension. Implementing new custom solutions to achieve the highest performance to our customers. We present the REA, a dedicated damper design for the Sur Ron Ultra Bee.

The REA MX includes the following features
  • Robust 40mm Damper Body and 16mm Shaft
  • 4-way adjustable: LSC-HSC-LSR-HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-Out Control) With wide range of adjustability to tune for all riding types.
  • High flow main piston
  • Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow – Ultra low-friction coating.
  • User adjustable HBC technology that allows for use of softer main spring rate and provides progressive damping support through the last 15% of stroke.
  • Very low reservoir pressure for maximum sensitivity and low cavitation
  • Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
  • High turbulent flow for progressive dampening and mid stroke support
  • Low friction seal
  • Secondary bottom out bumper to support end strake events in addition to HBC technology.
  • Low profile rebound knob for easy spring swap.
  • Included with EXT superlight V2 Spring in weights spring available of 450lb, 500lb, 550lb or 600lbs.
  • Comes with specific motorsport spherical bearing mounting hardware for easy bolt in installation.


 *Ships within two weeks of receiving order.

Spring Guide
Rider Weight Spring
Up to 160 450
160-190 500
190-230 550

Note: This table is a general guide. Spring weight and Sag will depend primarily on riding type and terrain more than rider weight. For firmer or softer preference select a spring weight above or below.
Feel free to contact us with questions.

Warning: Please refer to the vehicle manufacturers guidance regarding maximum weight limit for the bike.