EXT Storia V4

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The story continues . . . .

Adding to an already legendary resume the newest iteration of the Storia line of shocks pulls no punches. This shock is designed to further raise the bar on what is possible for performance in MTB damper technology. The overall packaging looks similar to it's predecessor but what lurks beneath the surface is truly revolutionary. 

Key Features: 

•4 way adjustable (LSC-HSC-LSR-Lok 2.0 proprietary system)
•Unique patent pending PSR hydraulic top out technology to avoid harsh top-out while improving bike platform stability and predictability
•Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom-out Circuit (HBC) Technology: our end stroke damping technology that has revolutionized the MTB damper market has been refined even further ensures predictable end-stroke characteristics to allow the user full utilization of  travel of the bike while virtually eliminating harsh rebound effects.  
•Introduction of more commonly found 5mm Allen wrench adjuster for high compression valve vs. the previous 12mm wrench adjuster
•LOK 2.0: optimized for pedaling but perfectly at home on every trail section due to an integrated threshold by-pass circuit.
•High turbulence flow valves provide a balanced and controlled damping profile while simultaneously minimizing risk of cavitation
•Ø14 mm chromoly shaft utilizing diamond like carbon (DLC) coating via physical vapor deposition (PVD) provides state of the art ultra-low friction properties and increased durability from impacts and wear
•Tapered Spring Thrust Bushings to improve straight alignment in case of spring side-load conditions
•Large volume reservoir using a bladder design and very low reservoir pressure (55PSI) ensures maximum sensitivity
•High viscosity index oil provides consistency through even the most tortuous of conditions 
•30% lighter steel spring, designed from motorsport and tested to perform over 500,000 cycles
•Designed for Enduro / Trail riding
•Manufactured in Italy
•All Metric Sizes Available  (Standard or Trunnion mount)

Sizes Available 

Eye to Eye Length  Stroke 
210 or 185 Trunnion 47.5
210 or 185 Trunnion 50
210 or 185 Trunnion 52.5
210 or 185 Trunnion 55
230 or 205 Trunnion 57.5
230 or 205 Trunnion 60
230 or 205 Trunnion 62.5
230 or 205 Trunnion 65

Price is for damper only. Springs are available on the product page and a 2nd spring can be purchased at a discounted rate.