EXT Storia LOK V3

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As the previous STORIA model, V3 offers the revolutionary LOK Technology that allows a complete compression separate lock-out system, now totally renewed with a new design and a more progressive damper circuit. In order to allow every rider to use a softer spring rate and increase bike traction and handling, EXT engineers have imported from the ARMA DH shock the hydraulic bottom out system named HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-out Control), capable to develop more than 50% of hydraulic force only on the last 15% of the stroke, allowing riders to avoid harsh bottom-out situations and provide a compliance and control throughout the entire range of travel.

STORIA V3 is designed to serve those customers who want maximum performance of a pedal-platform equipped shock, with a great support on the last millimeters of bike rear travel, with the great performance of a coil-over shock.

The Storia includes the following features

  • 4 way adjustable: LSC-HSC-LSR-Lok
  • High flow 29 mm main piston
  • 24 mm valve piston
  • 14 mm shaft (50% larger than most other coils on market to help deal with large side loading events)
  • Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow
  • Ultra low-friction coating
  • HBC technology
  • Very low reservoir pressure for maximum sensitivity (55 PSI)
  • Full custom hydraulic setup that is bike and rider specific for each shock
  • Low cavitation
  • Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
  • High turbulent flow for progressive dampening and mid stroke support
  • Low friction seal
  • Thinner bottom-out bumper and debris clearing washer
  • New low profile rebound knob for easy spring swap
  • 1 EXT light weight springs available in 25 lb increments

*All Shocks are custom built and tuned for specific bike, rider weight and riding style. If you aren't sure about an option, just leave it blank and we'll get in touch if we have questions.

NOTE: Orders Requiring an HD spring (650lb+) will ship with one spring only. However, an additional HD spring may be purchased for $50.

*Average delivery is 7-10 days for in stock sizes*

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