Fezzari La Sal Peak


Redesigned from the ground up. The all-new La Sal Peak builds upon the award winning foundation of the previous generation. Now with more travel and refined geometry resulting in a more capable and adrenaline inducing ride. Combining this amazing platform with EXT suspension creates a bike that is is playful and controlled in fast and flowy trails while simultaneously delivering top level Enduro race performance in the rough. 

The EXT Suspension package takes the guess work out of having a suspension set up that will work for your weight and riding style. The custom set up is benefit to riders of all experience level that allows you to completely forget about the suspension and just enjoy the ride. 

La Sal Edition Storia V3-S

  • Custom tuned per rider
  •  Steel shaft for strength and durability
  • Internal negative spring for excellent small bump sensitivity and top out protection
  • Hydraulic Bottom out circuit for bottomless feel and control though entire stroke length.
  • 4 way adjustable: LSC-HSC-LSR-Lok
  • High flow 29 mm main piston
  • 24 mm valve piston
  • 14 mm shaft (50% larger than most other coils on market to help deal with large side loading events)
  • Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow
  • Includes 2 EXT light weight springs available in 25 lb increments

 ERA V2 Fork 

  • NEW Magnesium lowers that are lighter and utilize a new load-optimized design obtained by Thixomolding process.
  • NEW HS3, Hybrid coil and air spring design: Improved from V1 to increase reliability and smoothness even in harsh riding conditions. with 2 adjustable positive air chambers and high volume negative chamber
  • NEW Bushing design. The new “RLP” radial lubrification pocket system consists in a new dedicated DU design with small pockets in the inner part of the bushing that traps some of the oil flowing and keeps the stanchion lubricated even under heavy load friction. There are also 3 specifically designed backup channels that improves pump lubrication effect.
  • NEW Floating Axle. Decoupling between hub dimension and fork alignment for an improved sensitivity of the for
  • 3 way adjustable, Low and High speed Bump and Rebound
  • Main strut low friction system: new DU bushing material from our WRC technology combined with dedicated EXT oil
  • Cartridge and Air spring low friction System: innovative floating shaft guide combined with the EXT proprietary coating and superfinish chrome shaft.